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They Are Best Known For Their Song “Se La Llevo

Have you ever heard of La Banda de Lechuga?

It’s a traditional Colombian folk band that has been around for more than years and is known for their unique style of music. This band is a great example of the incredible cultural traditions that Colombia has to offer. La Banda de Lechuga is made up of seven musicians from different parts of Colombia who come together to play traditional Colombian folk music. They are best known for their song “Se La Llevo Octubre”, which was released in and has been popular ever since. The song has a catchy beat and meaningful lyrics that talk about the struggles and difficulties of everyday life in Colombia. The band has earned international recognition for their unique sound and has been featured on television and in various magazines.

They have also performed at a number of music festivals in Colombia and abroad.

If you’re looking to experience the culture of Colombia, then you should definitely check out La Banda de Lechuga. Their music is an excellent representation of the traditional folk music of the country and is sure to provide you with a great cultural experience. You can watch the official video of “Se La Llevo Octubre” on our website,, and enjoy the unique sounds of this Colombian folk band.
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